The basis of successful structures is trust between management, employees and consultants

Illustration Jürgen Weing

With Liebich & Partner you are choosing experts and their teams, their know-how is based on numerous years of experience in management and HR consulting assignments, experience at top management level of renowned companies and organisations, and experience in the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Bild von Nina Meyer

Nina Meyer
Board member, Partner, HR consultant – Membre du Comité de Direction,Associée, Consultante en Recrutement

Nina Meyer has more than 10 years of experience in active HR consulting, and numerous years of international management experience, to help her clients succeed. She recruits managers and skilled professionals at middle, senior and top level, and does it expertly and efficiently. She sees transparent communication, fairness and openness …

Bild von Rico Hägele

Rico Hägele
Partner, HR consultant

Rico Hägele skilfully manages all fields of professional HR consulting. His clients include companies from the medtech, pharmaceutical and automotive industries or those in mechanical and plant engineering, for example. The secret of his success is how he combines customised search strategies, a reliable instinct for the right candidate, and …

Bild von Michael Schuh

Michael Schuh
Partner, management consultant, coach

Graduate psychologist and coach Michael Schuh facilitates individual and organisational resilience. He has 25 years of experience in management and HR consulting. In an integrative way he combines the strategic orientation of the company with the strengths and motivations of the employees. Thereby, he succeeds in scaling down demotivating influences …

Bild von Günter Walter

Günter Walter
Board member, partner, HR consultant

In his consulting career so far, Günter Walter has filled a total of 250 executive positions. He advises those responsible for recruitment on how to fill top positions most effectively, and understands the factors that make managers successful. Together with his clients he determines the relevant fields of work, skill …

Bild von Wilfried Bantle

Wilfried Bantle
Supervisory board, partner, management consultant

Wilfried Bantle has been supporting people in responsible positions for more than three decades. His clients are entrepreneurs, board members, managing directors and executives who want to secure and develop the future of their company. One can say he is a pioneer of meaningful future structures and guides people, companies …

Bild von Dr. Matthias Rode

Dr. Matthias Rode
Partner, international headhunter, chair of Agilium Worldwide executive search group

Dr. Matthias Rode is a highly successful international headhunter with extensive experience in filling business-critical positions. He searches for skilled professionals, senior executives and C-level management, and more than half of these executive search assignments are of an international nature. As chair of the Agilium Worldwide executive search group Matthias …

Bild von Dr. Kai Adler

Dr. Kai Adler
Management consultant engineering and R&D, Innovation

Dr. Kai Adler works on major projects in engineering and R&D for companies where engineering is critical for their operations. He has numerous years of industrial experience focusing on special mechanical engineering and global corporate structures. For his clients he achieves long-lasting, sustainable benefits, cost efficiency and improved lead times. …

Bild von Dr. Gerald Müller

Dr. Gerald Müller
Partner, management and HR consultant

Dr. Gerald Müller is a corporate maker, successful in integrative general management, and has gathered expertise in diverse change projects for more than 20 years. For medium-sized family businesses, renowned corporate groups or international start-ups in European B2C and B2B markets, his common success factor is relevant digitalisation of market …

Bild von Nuray Iscan

Nuray Iscan
HR consultant, executive search

Nuray Iscan has been shaping the top management of SMEs for two decades and has placed more than 180 first-rate skilled professionals and executives. She provides support for her clients in all their fields of business, with a focus on technical management positions. Nuray has in-depth market knowledge in numerous …

Bild von Thierry Pho Duc

Thierry Pho Duc
Intercultural consultant and coach for HR and organisational development, interim management

Thierry Pho Duc develops companies and organisations innovatively, systemically and theoretically. A businessman in the high-tech industry, his experience comes from 15 successful years in American, Japanese and German medium-sized companies and corporations, with particular expertise in intercultural, integrative organisational and team development. This could mean designing and implementing sustainable, …

Bild von Steffen Hilser

Steffen Hilser
Board member, partner, management consultant

A strategy consultant with a spotlight on implementation, Steffen Hilser convinces people to accept solutions and enable change, achieving crucial progress with long lasting economic benefits. Steffen simplifies complexity and controls reorganisation processes. With many years of experience in decision-making positions in dynamic industries like IT, telecoms and retail, he …

Bild von Bettina Redl

Bettina Redl
Management consultant innovation

Bettina Redl is an entrepreneur, consultant, founder and co-founder of numerous start-ups. She systematically generates innovation, develops innovation strategies and effective business models for companies and organisations. A successful management consultant, she is also an experienced pioneer and driver of new things. Bettina’s clients are industrialists and executives who are …

Bild von Martin Roth

Martin Roth
HR consultant, interim management

Martin Roth is an expert in recruiting top managers and executives with international assignments, and a trustworthy partner for his clients. He has an excellent global network within the medium-sized business sector and has successfully completed more than 100 assignments in the industrial and multi-channel retail fields. Martin, without doubt, …

Bild von Martin Seyfarth

Martin Seyfarth
Management consultant organisational development, trainer

For his clients, Martin Seyfarth transfers the future working world into reality, reliably and securely. As a thought leader he combines tools such as AI and cloud technology with a systematic approach to improve processes and develop new products without too much challenge for the organisation. Martin’s training programmes for …