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Dr. Kai Adler

Management consultant engineering and R&D, Innovation

Dr. Kai Adler works on major projects in engineering and R&D for companies where engineering is critical for their operations. He has numerous years of industrial experience focusing on special mechanical engineering and global corporate structures. For his clients he achieves long-lasting, sustainable benefits, cost efficiency and improved lead times.

Kai has been a management consultant at Liebich & Partner since 2022. Previously, he worked for 15 years as a manager and project leader in several mechanical engineering companies and was impressively successful. For example, working for a leading global manufacturer of gear production systems, he relocated entire business divisions and production sites, headed up taskforce teams, and developed a sustainable global supplier network. And was thus able to significantly increase the profitability of the organisation, including financial KPIs and transparency. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering and a doctorate in mechatronics from the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Key consulting competencies

  • Strategic product management and development of product portfolios
  • Innovation management, Innovative digitalisation
  • Organisational, Product  and technology development
  • Analysis and development of corporate processes
  • Harmonisation of system landscapes
  • Design and support of transformation processes
  • Change management
  • Multi-project management (agile, hybrid, classic)

„If you want to be successful in a volatile market, you need a reliable driving force. Engineering can be the key element.“

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