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Today’s businesses need to innovate forcefully and have the potential to survive, and this depends on having employees with the right qualities, skills and mindsets to sustain change and succeed in the future.

Companies can only find and, above all, retain such talent if they embrace and address the revolutionary effects of today's megatrends like new work, workplace democracy, individualisation, demographic change and digitalisation.

Corporations are undergoing major transformations and urgently need to initiate change in their corporate and work cultures, changes that make sure their own reality and that of their environment do not diverge, and that they don’t lag behind.

A clear-cut “people strategy” can define key HR issues such as having the right employee portfolio and employer branding approach. Not only does the company gain an overview of the necessary employee architecture and flexibility, but it also becomes more attractive as a current and potential employer.

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The advantages our HR consultants can offer you

Benefit from extensive knowledge and synergies of management and HR consultancy


Our clear-cut HR strategies and tried-and-tested leadership concepts mean that internal company processes can be optimised whilst employee needs are integrated into daily life.


By applying modern HR tools, such as potential analysis, as the main HR management method to support and develop your employees in the best way.


We integrate management development with corporate culture development to create action parameters for internal and external selection and development of new and existing managers.


By implementing an employee portfolio we can identify the right kind of manager for your company.


As experts in national and international executive search we can approach candidates in target companies agreed upon with you, professionally and discreetly.


You will gain from further industry contacts, special expertise from detailed insights into companies, their problems and solutions, and also our well-established network of top skilled professionals and managers from various industries.


Together with you we create market-conform working conditions and remuneration systems.


We also work with you on your employer branding to assure your company is more attractive and viable for top talent.


Our outplacement counselling offers effective, long-term support in severance situations.


Executive Search Consulting

Top candidates: from needs analysis, through identification, selection, recruiting and integration

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Leistung Agile Methoden

The services our HR consultants can offer you

Our expertise goes beyond that of executive search. We advise you on all HR management topics: from HR strategy and staff planning to remuneration and staff development, as well as coaching of skilled professionals and executives. We apply innovative leadership approaches such as our MAESTRO model or our digital qualification programme #marktmenschen efficiently and effectively.

When you need to fill key positions with top talent who fit your corporate culture, we support you with integrative perception of your company. As a member of the Agilium Worldwide executive search group, our consultants have been successful in numerous international search and staffing projects for many years.

„As our growth strategy progressed, we were very successful in filling several important key positions with the support of Liebich & Partner AG: success-based candidate profiles, clear-cut recruiting processes, candidates that fit perfectly. I’m happy that we chose Liebich & Partner, and can fully recommend the company as a professional HR consultancy!“

Markus Reichel
Managing Director
MEDI-MARKT Homecare GmbH

HR consulting at Liebich & Partner - people make the difference

As management and HR consultants we look at all aspects of your HR management. We know the relevant action measures from numerous projects and can support you, your company and your staff successfully through this change process.

Both large corporations and medium-sized companies can gain valuable guidance with our specialised HR consultants.

Contact us – we look forward to being your dependable advisors.

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