Executive Search Consulting by Liebich & Partner

Are you on the lookout for skilled professionals and executives? It is becoming more and more challenging to find highly qualified personnel.

Partly, this is due to demographic change, a natural result of baby boomer managers entering retirement. And partly to new demands like digital skills, changes in motivation and willingness to switch companies, as well as new work models.

Filling such gaps is very time-consuming and for in-house HR departments hard to perform with their available manpower. At the same time, the competition to find and retain skilled professionals and executives is surging.

Our HR consultants support you with professional executive search consulting. Liebich & Partner’s executive search consultants look back on careers as managing directors and HR managers in a wide range of industries. They have exactly the right experience and networks needed to find the best executive and skilled talent!

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The advantages our executive search consultants can offer you

Benefit from the many years of market experience of our executive search consultants:


As unbiased facilitators we can use the direct approach to identify and talk to candidates in target companies we decide on together, and in your sector or related sectors


In our executive search process we can also find suitable candidates among the hidden labour force


Absolute discretion is fundamental to our quality standards – the basis for long-term success in executive search consulting


Our HR consultants know the (regional) labour markets for executives, thanks to numerous projects in Germany


As HR consultants we understand what’s behind the job title and the company setup, and can present the attractiveness of the company and the position to the candidate competently, and actively advise him or her


Our executive search consultants all have a large network of top executives in different industries and excellent connections to referral sources


The synergies of our HR and management consultancy result in even more industry contacts and vital information, setting us apart from other executive search consultancies


Our HR consultants have gained many years of experience from comparable, successful placements. They are familiar with the benchmarks, specific demands, responsibilities and the market-conform remuneration for a wide range of executive roles


You receive a 12-month guarantee on executives and skilled professionals recruited via our executive search consulting

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Not only companies benefit from executive search consulting

For skilled professionals and executives, we are a significant executive search platform, especially if you are thinking about a new position within your industry or in the region where people know you. The reasons for wanting to change jobs/companies are very different: perhaps the challenge has worn off, there are not enough development opportunities, remuneration is insufficient, or there is dissatisfaction with management.

Are you looking for a new professional opportunity?  In our job portal you can find top-notch positions for skilled professionals and executives. Thanks to our management consultants, our collaborations and networks, you can benefit from our invaluable relationships to numerous top organisations. As executive search consultants, we provide you with information on the financial situation of the target company, the management culture, the superior’s personality, ownership structure, succession plans, remuneration packages and personal development programmes. So you can decide whether the company fits well to you and your values, even before you apply. In executive search consulting, we support you as unbiased advisors – discreetly and with results in mind.

Our career counsellors would be happy to provide you with support in your active job reorientation.

Executive search consulting for companies – the process

Executive search consulting takes place in several sub-processes.

Subprocess 1: Needs analysis

Together we analyse your current situation, and then we create a candidate profile for the vacant position.

Subprocess 2: Identification and direct approach

Thanks to our in-house research team we can also reach top skilled professionals and executives who are not actively looking for a job change, or who don’t want to publicly announce their intention. When we find the right candidate, we approach the person directly, conduct a qualified first interview, and produce a personal profile of the candidate.

Subprocess 3: Selection, hiring and decision

We introduce potential candidates to you so that, supported by our consulting, you can select the professional or executive who best fits to your company. For this purpose, we also offer reliable skills analysis assessments as part of our executive search consulting services.

Subprocess 4: Integration and support

After hiring we support the integration of the new employee into your company, thus creating the basis for long-term reciprocal success.

We find top talent to fit your requirements and your corporate culture

Executive search consultants, or headhunters, there are various names for HR consultants who search for suitable skilled professionals and executives. The goal is always the same: to successfully fill positions, even those that were vacant long-term. And to do so with the person who best fits the requirements and the culture of the company. Liebich & Partner‘s consultants do not only search regionally. As a member of the Agilium Worldwide executive search group, our consultants have also been successful in numerous international search and staffing projects for many years.

Furthermore, our executive search consulting can support you when it comes to succession planning in medium-sized companies.

Do you have questions about executive search consulting or need any specific kind of support? Contact us and let us consult you in detail!


Do you have any questions?

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