International · 1. March 2022

A statement by Olivier Bouhoulle, Chair of Agilium Worldwide

Leistung Agile Methoden

Agilium Worldwide is one big family, an established group of friends and colleagues who are always delighted to see each other every time they get together. In other, similar international networks you can sense and experience the internal competition. You are constantly making sure that your international colleagues share their potential and suitable candidates with you, and also that they don’t try to poach your clients. Not at Agilium Worldwide!

Agilium Worldwide has endured the pandemic incredibly well. For most members the year 2021 was a successful one, and it was also an opportunity for many of us to rethink the way we do our business. We have, for example, re-evaluated our requirements for office space, adopted hybrid working, and achieved a better private and professional life balance.

For the future I hope that Agilium Worldwide members will do even more international projects together, continue to improve the sharing of client and business leads, and take increased advantage of each other’s expertise and processes. What about spending a few days in Milan, Baden-Baden or Vienna just to learn from each other’s culture, their ways of working and their best practices?

But at the same time, we have to recognize that we are living in a seriously changing economy. The pandemic and now the war in the Ukraine have made clear to us that we need to rethink our vision of globalization and return to more national or regional economic sovereignty. Supplies of fuel, gas and raw materials have again become strategic. At the beginning of the pandemic we experienced shortages in electronic components, personal protective equipment and pharmaceutical products. Tomorrow we will face shortages in electricity, titan and lithium. Our supplies are threatened to a great extent because we were naive in relying exclusively on these essential components being produced or sourced abroad. All European countries are working on rebuilding their energy independence. Economic sovereignty will be the main issue for the approaching years. It can seen as geography’s revenge on economy.

In conclusion, this return to national or regional economic sovereignty is going to lead our clients to implement important reorganization measures and redeployment of their business. This will involve major changes in their workforces. Agilium Worldwide, executive search and leadership assessment still have very positive days ahead.

Agilium Worldwide

Dr. Matthias Rode is the Regional Director EMEA of AGILIUM Worldwide and your main contact in Germany: For any questions please contact him directly.

Founded in 1984, Agilium Worldwide LLC is an international executive search group of independent, owner-managed retained executive search firms, with members who are active in virtually every market. Agilium Worldwide ranks among the world’s top 25 executive search organizations.

Agilium Worldwide’s member firms offer personalized, specialized, client-oriented services. By eliminating the formally structured, pre-programmed approach they can remain proactive and secure prompt, skilled and expert service to their clients, to help them find the “Perfect Fit” – the right person for the right position, at the right time, at the right location.

Agilium Worldwide member firms are trusted advisors to companies from the Fortune 500, as well as to upcoming and start-up companies around the globe. Clients get the best of both worlds: an entrepreneurial approach with global reach and local perspective.

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