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Norway, growth in 2020?

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Well known for its northern lights, the Nobel Peace Prize, and Nesbø’s thrillers, Norway has many claims to fame, but more recently it may be regarded as one of the world’s economic “hidden champions”. A growing public sector providing all levels of education, health and social services, financed by huge revenues from its oil industry, is the envy of many a larger nation. Norwegians are characterized by their resilience, adaptability and flexibility and they have literally embraced the transition to a demanding digital world, where smart payment apps have replaced cumbersome cash, where web-based meetings have mostly replaced physical encounters with clients, and where communal offices in the city have moved out into the cabin in the countryside.

Agilium Worldwide Norway (AWN) is one of Agilium Worldwide’s youngest member firms conducting executive search and professional search especially in the financial and the building and construction sectors. Founded only in 2017, this young company needed to grow, and actually succeeded in doing so in 2020, despite the pandemic and all the restrictions that hampered much business activity all over the world.

Our clients also want to fill positions outside of Norway, in other Scandinavian countries, so there are also cultural differences to consider. Norwegians, Swedish and Danish complement each other well, despite of and because of their different traits.

Jon Steen, Founding Partner: “A large part of AWN’s activity is in the financial sector which, fortunately for us, was not impacted too much by the pandemic thanks to generous rescue packages to other sectors and increased unemployment benefits. Specifically, AWN conducted numerous searches for a major wealth management company that is active in the Nordic region. Wealth management is an essential service in a strong economy, required by those looking for advice and support with their financial portfolios. Funds and investments need to be managed, and we have been mandated with searches for wealth managers, investment advisers and also lawyers and legal consultants who can advise on the legal aspects of bequeathing assets and savings, for example. Apart from that, we have also conducted searches for C-level positions and board members of private banks. The main challenge is finding sufficient suitable candidates. The requirements vary quite substantially. For a C-level position we would consider a generalist profile, someone with broad experience, perhaps in different sectors. However, conducting a professional search, for example, for a key account or wealth manager, we would look for candidates with a specialist profile, with deeper experience and specific expertise in the business. Our clients also want to fill positions outside of Norway, in other Scandinavian countries, so there are also cultural differences to consider. Norwegians, Swedish and Danish complement each other well, despite of and because of their different traits. Whereas we are more spontaneous, the Swedish are known to be excellent planners and organizers, and to act on consensus decisions and the Danish are more direct. As we expect the future of the financial sector to continue to be strong, we are thankful for the international expertise and reach of the Agilium Worldwide group, and that we can collaborate with fellow members on a local basis.”

Agilium Worldwide

Dr. Matthias Rode is the Regional Director EMEA of AGILIUM Worldwide and your main contact in Germany: For any questions please contact him directly.

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