Portrait Martin Seyfarth Hintergrund

Martin Seyfarth

Management consultant organisational development, trainer

For his clients, Martin Seyfarth transfers the future working world into reality, reliably and securely. As a thought leader he combines tools such as AI and cloud technology with a systematic approach to improve processes and develop new products without too much challenge for the organisation. Martin’s training programmes for management teams permanently anchor the progress in the minds and structures of the organisation. To date Martin has led over 100 successful projects for market leaders and SMEs in the IT technology, banking, automotive and vehicle parts sectors.

Having graduated in mechanical engineering and business studies, Martin has been designing and supporting technology projects for SMEs and corporations worldwide for 16 years. One notable example would be the modernization of the engine development process at Mercedes-Benz AMG. For ten years, Martin was a member of top management and the board of a software company, and responsible for more than 100 employees. He joined Liebich & Partner in 2024 and has enriched the current service portfolio with his extensive experience in implementing scaled agile frameworks, AI and chatbots.

Key consulting competencies

  • Innovation and engineering
  • Technology systems consulting and implementation: AI, global tech
  • Trainer and coach: leadership, teams and individual coaching
  • Method consulting: from innovation to product
  • Product portfolio management: conceptualisation, implementation and monitoring
  • Scenario development: preparation and support of the product portfolio
  • Strategy consulting
  • Structural organisational development
  • Agile transformation: initiation, design and support of change processes
  • Supply Chain Management

„Technologies and methods are not an end in themselves, they should always provide added value for the customer.“

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